The Question Is….

Let’s face it – you likely spend God-Only-Knows-How-Long researching your holiday destination – Trip Advisor, the resort, taking the time to ask friends and then researching their suggestions.


Those of you who are married, how much time & effort went into spending planning your wedding?


… And when you purchase your baby’s car seat/travel system/pram/nursery items, I have no doubt you will also spend a fair deal of time and money on this too.




You have heard about hypnobirthing but it’s been pushed a bit to the back of your mind. You’re BUSY after all!


Perhaps you are thinking ‘hmm, not sure if that’s for me…’ …


… Or maybe you are well up for giving it a go, but you have not yet got around to it – or to convincing your partner that it IS indeed worth it.


Perhaps you are in either of these two camps:


  • You know a bit or a lot about hypnobirthing.
  • You don’t know much at all about hypnobirthing, but you have heard a whole heap of positivity around it – and you want to be told more about it in quick & easy manner, so you can make a decision on it.


Delighted that you’re still here reading as that means you don’t want to leave things to chance, which is great!


So if any of these resonate with you get in touch for an easy chat about it all and find out:


  • How hypnobirthing can help you and your partner to prepare for your baby’s birth
  • What local course options are available to you and what will be covered in these

I’ d love to hear from you – call, text or email me – or texting/calling 07790 207363

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