‘Sit in’ on a comprehensive, evidence based Antenatal Preparation & Hypnobirthing Course – watch in your own time, at your own pace and from the comfort of your home! Course is facilitated by Jackie Kietz, cognitive behavioural hypnotherapist and hypnobirthing & NCT practitioner.

Over the years, here at Baby Bumps Hypnobirthing we find the following concerns come up time and time again:

  • How does hypnobirthing work and how and when do I use the techniques?
  • How will I cope with labour?
  • What are my options and what will happen during labour?

How you will feel after completing the course & using its materials:

  • You’ll have gained a solid understanding of hypnobirthing & how and when to use the techniques & exercises within the book to help to contribute towards your positive pregnancy and birth journey.
  • You’ll understand the process of labour, what all your options are and how to get your questions answered fully from those caring for you during your pregnancy and birth.
  • You and your birth partner will feel as confident and prepared as is possible – and even more excited about your upcoming birth!
“We found the course extremely helpful – it has allowed us to relax more during the pregnancy and we feel much more informed about the labour process. Having the techniques to utilise and knowing that you can use them no matter what happens during the labour. We felt unaware and feared the unknown before we started the course, I personally have always been terrified of labour and the course has really calmed me down and made me feel more curious than worried about what will happen. The photos of the different areas you can give birth in were really useful as we had no idea. Absolutely 100% recommend to others, and we will!” – Caroline

Sounds great! What else is included?

  • In total there are over 5 hours of video content. Listen to the great content – and additionally learn from the questions the 3 expectant couples ask during the 10 sessions. Topics include:
    • What is hypnosis?
    • What are the hypnobirthing techniques & how and when do I use them?
    • The stages of labour
    • What to expect when you go in
    • How long will you stay?
    • Place of birth: home, birth centre, labour ward
    • Physical skills – massage, movement & breathing techniques for labour and birth
    • The importance of hormones & environment & what to pack in your hospital bag
    • The birth partner’s important role
    • Hiring a doula for birth
    • Pharmacological pain relief – the pros and cons of each
    • Induction of labour
    • Caesarean birth
    • A recap
  • Receive a copy of the new Pinter & Martin ‘antenatal course in a book ‘Let’s talk about preparing for your baby’s birth‘ which complements the course (value: £15)
  • Receive 10 relaxation & hypnosis audio downloads around:
    • Breathing & Positive Affirmations
    • Top to Toe Tension Release
    • Safe Place & Confidence: Mother
    • Safe Place & Confidence: Birth Partner
    • Fear-Release Relaxation
    • Caesarean Birth (if relevant)
    • Induction of Labour (if relevant)
    • 2 x mindfulness audios
    • General Confidence & Relaxation (postnatal audio)
  • Receive a huge library of additional follow up information around labour, birth, life with your newborn and feeding your baby.
  • Receive access to a positions for labour & birth and a massage techniques PDF download/s.
  • Gain access to a private Facebook page where you can ask questions and access support up until your baby is born.
Let's talk about preparing for your baby's birth
“Jackie Kietz’s contribution to maternity care planning in this book is a must read for expectant parents or those planning a pregnancy. The book guides parents through planning for a positive birth experience and educates them in how to get the best from maternity services. 
The book can be read cover to cover or can be easily picked up and started from a particular section of interest.  I particularly liked how the book is written to enable parents to navigate maternity services and gain the right information from healthcare practitioners to enable them to make informed decisions about their care regardless of their complexities. Jackie ensured she used evidence-based information throughout to inform the information she was providing to parents. 
This book can be used by both parents to be and healthcare practitioners alike to enable them to inform parents in how to get the best from maternity care.” – Emma Spillane, Consultant Midwife & Breech Birth Specialist

What’s the cost?

You can access all of the above for just £57! This special offer is only available for a limited time.

The course provides all the information you need to make informed decisions, along with your healthcare professionals, but should you want to spend a little extra time chatting through your specific situation, after completing the course, you can book in an hour’s call with Jackie, founder of Baby Bumps Hypnobirthing and author of ‘Let’s talk about preparing for your baby’s birth‘, for an additional £60 (course + call: £117).

We are so confident that you’ll love this course, and the wealth of materials included in it, that we’re offering a no-quibble 14 day refund (minus the cost of the book which you get to keep) in the unlikely event that you don’t find it of use.

“We found the breadth of information incredibly helpful; we came away feeling equipped with all the essential knowledge but as it was divided up into digestible chunks we never felt overwhelmed. It was brilliant having the book accompanying the online sessions as we were able to refer back to it, and use it to guide our practise in between sessions; we’ve really enjoyed using the hypnobirthing scripts and breathing exercises in particular. We also loved that it was well designed for mum and birth partner together – it was such a lovely experience going on that journey together, and learning how hypnobirthing is a collaboration between us both.
Before the course we felt we knew very little about what to expect and our ideas of birth were based on fragments of (mostly inaccurate!) information. After completing the course we felt excited and empowered. We feel so positive about hypnobirthing, and confident that whatever happens it will help us in some way. We enjoyed spending time together taking the course and talking about it after – it has been some of the most special time during the pregnancy.
We would recommend the course to anyone who wants to know about their choices, and feel more confident about the positives of birth. I’ve even found that hypnobirthing techniques, particularly the breathing techniques, have had a positive impact on other aspects of my life.” – Jenn

I have a few questions, how can I get these answered?

Always happy to chat through questions! Just drop an email to Jackie or call/text/WhatsApp: 07790 207363.

Fantastic! I’d love to go ahead and learn all about labour, birth and hypnobirthing please, what are the next steps?

Email jackie@baby-bumps.net to be sent a short purchase form. Once this has been received our end and payment has been made either via PayPal or via bank transfer, you receive access to the course right away (access is available for 6 months). The book gets posted out to you first class via Royal Mail.

Please note – for non UK residents, the book will be sent to you directly via Amazon and will incur an additional £10 cost (total £67, rather than £57 for the digital course alone).

Looking forward to welcoming into your positive pregnancy and birth journey!