I facilitate National Childbirth Trust (NCT) courses in Crystal Palace and Beckenham.
For more information on these courses please visit www.nct.org.uk or drop me an email
After each NCT antenatal course that is run, anonymous feedback is received from women and their birth partners. Please see below a selection of these:

“I found the course extremely helpful. I feel much more confident about what’s coming! Handouts and links were thorough. Jackie is great – pitches at right level, and doesn’t ‘dictate’ how things ought to be and is very knowledgeable” ~ Mother-to-be

“Very interesting course, flexible for inserting extra information that everyone wants. Everything was covered in the correct amount of time, never jumped onto the next stage without everyone being happy. I have definitely got more confidence after this course so we’ll see what happens on the day!” ~ Father-to-be

“Brilliant support. Encouragement for peer support amongst all partners was very helpful. I have more confidence, feel more prepared. I felt the course covered everything required, was also effectively catered for specific questions. Very enjoyable and informative – thank you” ~ Father-to-be

“It covered everything I wanted and I felt I could ask any questions I wanted” ~ Mother-to-be

“I enjoyed meeting other who are in a similar stage of pregnancy as us. I also liked the way the course was run, i.e. topic is given and the group were allowed to discuss amongst ourselves first. I felt topics were covered thoroughly but not too long where it got boring. Very good facilitator” ~ Father-to-be

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“Jackie was very warm and easy-going and made us feel comfortable to ask any questions. More comfortable with the prospect of labour and birth. Thank you very much for a great course!” ~ Father-to-be

“Discussions were lively and informative, friendly and relaxed atmosphere, well-informed, some good group/interactive activities, feel much more informed/confident about forthcoming birth” ~ Father-to-be

“I liked the tone and the pace of the course and felt that Jackie was very good at explaining various choices and options without being biased. I felt reassured about the whole process – the course covered everything I was concerned about. Thanks very much!” ~ Father-to-be

“A really good course, we are both happy to have attended. Nice emphasis in getting to know other parents too – hoping to stay in touch. All our queries/what we wanted to know was covered well – thank you!” ~ Mother-to-be

“Found the discussions helpful and looking up topics to feed back on was good as it made you more involved. Feel we have a good understanding of what to expect. Really enjoyed the course – thank you” ~ Mother-to-be

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“I liked being able to openly talk about things that are worrying you and listen to other people’s questions about things you may not have thought about” ~ Mother-to-be

“The course has been very useful in building up knowledge at the right time. Jackie has been very responsive and helpful throughout the course. You can tell she genuinely cares.” ~ Mother-to-be

“I enjoyed meeting new people, friendly teacher, lots of links and handouts to refer back to” ~ Mother-to-be

“I liked that it was varied and different topics were mixed – i.e. look at baby blues, then move on to practical stuff like bathing and nappy changing. I enjoyed the delivery – e.g. mix of group/large group activities. I liked the teacher’s open approach. I feel more confident and my partner does too” ~ Mother-to-be

“I feel very prepared for labour and birth. Overall, I think the course was excellent and very useful – I’m glad we did it. I feel a lot more confident about everything” ~ Mother-to-be

“I liked the nice, relaxed and friendly atmosphere. I felt comfortable asking any questions. Feel more confident and know where to look for more info. Thank you very much!” ~ Mother-to-be

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“Good, informative course” ~ Father-to-be

“I found it all very informative and relevant. I think the course was good and liked how it was run – pretty laid back but getting the topics covered” ~ Father-to-be

“The course has been amazingly helpful, both with the information given and also by having the opportunity to discuss things with the group and share ideas and questions. It was beneficial to have the course staggered over a few weeks rather than in one weekend” ~ Mother-to-be

“Course was great – interesting and informative and good to meet other couples in the same boat. Helped to discuss concerns and the whole labour/birth process – I’m not so scared now! I have already recommended it to others” ~ Mother-to-be

“I really enjoyed the course. It was great to meet others and share experiences. I feel more confident about labour and what to expect and feel like I can manage it and am more prepared. Thank you very much” ~ Mother-to-be

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“The classes were really good and useful. I would strongly recommend it. Looking at the process of labour was good, and practical nappy changing. I feel a lot more confident in myself. It was great that partners were so involved as he learnt loads. One great thing was the scenarios exercises – literally put in to perspective!” ~ Mother-to-be

“I have found the classes so helpful to prepare me for the birth of my baby and how to look after the baby afterwards. It’s been good to have the time to think about everything and take time with my husband to do so. Jackie has been fab and she’s answered all our questions. I am feeling much more confident about everything so would definitely recommend the classes to others” ~ Mother-to-be

“I really liked Jackie. I found the fact that she was not ‘militant’ about specific things very helpful. All our questions were answered and a very friendly atmosphere created. I liked the fact there was a lot of focus on the birth partner. I particularly appreciated the info around caesarean too. Thank you” ~ Mother-to-be

“A nice intimate atmosphere and was easy to share ideas/thoughts on a broad range of topics. It was good to have a structure and set plan for each session, but flexibility in that for discussion. I am feeling more confident for the birth and looking after a newborn. Thanks Jackie” ~ Mother-to-be