Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important and this document outlines how the data I hold for you is in line with UK law on Data Protection. As a result of a change in UK law we now need your consent as to how we contact you.

Hypnobirthing Course Information:

When you book onto a hypnobirthing course you receive a booking form via email and you are asked for your due date, name, address, phone number and email.

You are also asked if you are interested in Baby Massage courses, Baby Reflexology courses and Reflexology.

By including this information on your booking form you are confirming that you are consenting to Baby Bumps holding and processing your personal data for the following purposes; To email you information on courses (if you ticked that you are interested in this) and to contact you before/during/after the course if required.

By opting in to say that you are interested in Baby Massage, Baby Reflexology and/or Reflexology offers you grant us access and consent to Baby Bumps contacting you by the following means: Email.

During our group hypnobirthing courses you are offered the opportunity to share each others’ contact details so a Whatsapp groups can be set up and you can all stay in touch with one another. If you agree to include your details on the contact details form you consent to this being sent to the rest of the group via email. This information will never be shared with 3rd parties and will be deleted/shredded once the course has complete and the form has been sent to all attendees.

All other information is to be used only by Baby Bumps and will not ever be shared with 3rd parties.

Any hard copies of consultation forms for Reflexology treatments are legally required to be held for 7 years. All consultation forms are stored in a locked cabinet. After this time they are shredded.

Any electronic booking forms for hypnobirthing courses and email addresses will be deleted 1 year after the last session of the course.

For questions about this please contact: