Baby Reflexology

Little Feet Reflexology – Baby Reflexology Courses for Parents

Your baby is super sensitive to touch which is one of the reasons why BabyReflex can be so beneficial for her. Learning how to carry out short BabyReflex treatments on your baby has so many benefits…

Baby Reflexology aims to help to ease:

  • wind
  • constipation
  • tummy upsets
  • teething pains
  • ear congestion

… and it also boosts your baby’s immune system!

Baby Reflex aims to strengthen and develop systems such as the digestive and immune systems and is a lovely way to bond with your baby, giving them a boost of the hormone oxytocin which aids good feeling and restfulness.

BabyReflex is a lovely and calming addition to your bedtime routine or whenever your little one needs some extra TLC.

Our fun and relaxed workshops are based around 3 reflexology routines – Feeding, Sleeping & Wellbeing. We’ll show you how to carry out gentle and calming Baby Reflexology on your baby’s little feet.   Classes are run by Jackie Kietz who has over 15 years of experience in all things Reflexology.

We just need enough space to lay each baby down. Everything is provided so just bring your baby 😀

“‘S’ had been constipated for days and literally within 20 minutes after the reflexology class she had a poo, in fact more than one!! I never thought I’d be so excited about my baby pooing! Such a relief and now I know what to do if it happens again. Fab course!”

Each workshop lasts around an hour, depending on the size of the group. You will learn the simple and effective sequences during the workshop by practising on ‘baby feet’ – life size models of babies’ feet, until you are confident. The session ends with you carrying out a 5 minute treatment on your own baby.

You receive a clearly written handout and a mini Foot Chart to keep in your purse.

Classes are baby led so if you need to feed your baby or change them then of course this takes priority.  We are all parents and understand that babies cry and are somewhat unpredictable – and this is just fine.

Babies love Little Feet Baby Reflexology! This wonderfully soothing therapy is accessible at all times as it only takes a moment to remove your baby’s footwear, providing comfort and relief quickly and naturally – any time, anyplace, anywhere!

“It’s so nice for Paul to be able to give our daughter a little treatment after her bath at bedtime, she loves it and it really relaxes her!”

How does it work?

Baby Reflexology is a specially adapted form of Reflexology, adjusted to suit the age of your child and it works in the same way Reflexology works in adults. You need to be a qualified reflexologist in order to teach BabyReflex and I have been qualified and working as a reflexologist for over 15 years now 🙂

“Jackie came to our house as childcare for my older one was impossible to sort. Myself and my husband – as well as my parents all learned how to do the reflexology on ‘C’. It was really lovely and the grandparents enjoyed being involved in it all.”


What do the group workshops cost and where are they held?

Group workshops take place during the week day and comprise of you and a couple (or more) of friends and one of you hosts in your home. This keeps the atmosphere relaxed and social. Workshops are popular with mums who are on maternity leave, along with the friends they made at their antenatal classes.

You can combine Baby Reflexology with Baby Massage, or separate the courses out, pricing for the private group sessions is below (group sessions for baby massage & baby reflexology courses at Effraspace or Upper Norwood Library are £65.00):

  • Baby massage (4 sessions) plus baby reflexology (1 session) – £57.00
  • Just baby massage (4 sessions) – £45.00
  • Just baby reflexology (1 session) – £15.00

Minimum numbers of 3. Payment to be made prior to the first session either via PayPal using the address, by requesting a PayPal invoice or by bank transfer (please get in touch for details) – thank you!

We offer a 5 week combined baby massage & baby reflexology course at Effraspace in Brixton. This lovely venue has parking available outside and around the venue (parking meters). You can usually get a space in the Brockley Park car park and you can park here for free for up to 2 hours. The venue is about a 8 minute walk from the car park.

Courses run on Tuesdays from 11.15am-12.15pm – please get in touch for the next lot of course dates. Price is £65.00. For more information on baby massage click here and here.

One to one sessions:

£40.00 for one hour to cover all treatment sequences one to one.

Any private groups’ home-based sessions need to be fairly local to Crystal Palace and take place during the daytime on week days. Please get in touch to discuss 🙂

BabyReflex is a wonderful way to calm and soothe your baby, but of course always seek medical care if your baby is unwell.