Courses & Treatments

Hypnobirthing courses

Full hypnobirthing courses or short ‘add on’ hypnobirthing courses are available in Crystal Palace, Brixton & Kingston Hospital.

The full, 8 hour course offers time to delve into and fully understand all antenatal topics as well as covering hypnobirthing.

The shorter, 4 hour course offers a quick recap on antenatal topics as it is assumed you have or will cover this in your NCT or NHS course.

The hypnobirthing elements get covered in the same way on both courses.


Postnatal ‘bolt on’ session

This can be taken as part of your course or a stand alone session. Couples who do not want to pay for NCT on top of hypnobirthing find this session invaluable as it covers all important topics such as nappy changing, bathing, safe sleep, first 24 hours, postnatal recovery and more. It is tailored to your needs and wants.



Pregnancy reflexology and postnatal reflexology treatments to take place from the comfort of your own home. Literally put your feet up and prepare to be relaxed beyond belief!


Baby Massage

A lovely 5 week course on positive nurturing touch. Calm, relaxed time out for you and your baby. Group courses or one to ones are available.


Baby Reflexology

3 reflexology routines specially designed for babies. A gentle and effective way to soothe your baby any time, any place, anywhere!