What is Hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing is a combination of deep relaxation techniques, education on how your body works during labour and how body & mind are linked – a set of tools and techniques to help you to optimise your birth experience.

It’s a well-known fact that fear and anxiety have a negative knock-on effect to the birth process; hypnobirthing shows you how to start undoing unhelpful ‘programming’ and beliefs around  birth accumulated over the years. It’s logical, simple and works beautifully – and having a birth partner well-versed in how best to support you, is worth its weight in gold.

How our Hypnobirthing Courses Work

Because birth can be unpredictable and can’t always be planned in a precise way, it’s important to know all your options – if you don’t know your options, you don’t have any!

We discuss the pros and cons of all the options that may be offered to you on the day, or in the lead up to your baby’s birth. Together, we’ll look at the choices you might need to make, so you can take clear, informed decisions.  Information is;

  • Presented simply
  • Evidence-based
  • Up to date

and most importantly is

  • Useful

“Thank you for providing hypnobirthing classes over the past few years, as part of the well being service, you do an amazing job which is reflected in the feedback you receive and also we hear it from the women we care for on the birth centre.” Lyndsey Smith, Consultant Midwife, Kingston Hospital


“Excellent course. The amount of information provided, different perspectives given. Chance to discuss and address fears. They way it was so positive and has given us tools to take away. Jackie’s sessions have given us so much more confidence about the birth and how we want to go about it. We are actually now really looking forward to the the birth!” Emmy & Ira

All courses come with a copy of my new book, ‘Let’s Talk About: preparing for your baby’s birth‘ due out in October 2020.

Let's Talk About: Preparing for your baby's birth - book by Jackie Kietz

The book includes 10 x MP3 downloads and along with these, you’ll also receive extensive follow-up information on hypnobirthing as well as on;

              • Labour & birth
              • Life with your newborn, and
              • Postnatal recovery

Support is available until your baby is born, should you want it .


Most couples join the 4-hour hypnobirthing classes 4 Hour Group Hypnobirthing Classes as they are often also taking another course such as the NCT course (which I also facilitate). If, however, you are not doing another course, you can either opt for;

  • The 4-hour class above (which is a group class)
  • A 1:1 hypnobirthing class (same content as the group class but delivered 1:1), and a
  • Bolt-on hypnobirthing class
    • This tops up your group or 1:1 class by covering all the remaining topics that would normally be covered during a full course such as the NCT course
    • Typical items covered are safe sleep, bathing, nappy changing, first 24 hours – and anything else you want to cover
    • Please get in touch for details

“I really enjoyed the hypnobirthing classes and found it very reassuring. Whilst I’ve found my other antenatal course very useful as well, to be honest, if I’d only just done these hypnobirthing sessions I feel that would have been OK.” – K.L.

Courses can also be taken in-person or online via Zoom and you can find the course dates here.

There’s no time like the present to take action and get booked onto the right course for you. You’ll receive the MP3s right away so you can make a start on preparing for a positive birth today!

Got questions already?

Please feel free to get in touch to chat through the course content, benefits of the different types of courses available, or anything else on your mind.