Neighbourhood Midwives’ Review of the book ‘I’m Expecting a Baby’

Review of ‘I’m Expecting a Baby’ by Jackie Kietz.



This is such a useful book, just like having a mini antenatal class in your bag. It covers everything you might need to know in your journey to parenthood.


Jackie is an antenatal teacher, hypnobirthing practitioner and a mum. She brings aspects of all these roles to create an accessible, comprehensive guide to your choices, what those choices might mean and how to navigate your way through pregnancy and birth.


As a midwife, I know from first hand experience how overwhelmed some couples are by the experiences they face as first time parents. This book will offer them a clear and easy to understand explanation of the process of labour and birth, coping strategies, sources of support, self help methods and also possible complications.


I love the straightforward language Jackie uses and the complete absence of value judgements. She encourages women to trust their bodies but also supports the choices of those who favour or require a more interventionist approach.


She offers references for each chapter thus allowing the reader to look further into the issues.


This book will benefit any expectant parent and will be a useful guide to refer to at every stage.


Perhaps the NHS would like to give one to every pregnant woman!




Tina Perridge RM

Co-founder of Neighbourhood Midwives.