Pregnancy Reflexology – why it is so beneficial for you & your baby

Pregnancy reflexology – why it is so beneficial for you and your baby


There is very little that cannot be addressed with a wonderfully relaxing reflexology treatment. Reflexology creates balance and a ‘feel good vibe’ in the whole person. Also as it is a holistic therapy, clients often report additional improvements in areas they had not come in to be treated for.

Reflexology literally allows you to put your (possibly swollen!) feet up and switch off. Some mothers dose off, others drift off into a wonderfully relaxed state which goes on to last the whole day.

With pregnancy reflexology both mother and baby benefit – so you are effectively getting a two-for-one treatment 🙂


Benefits for the mother:


Reflexology can provide relief for –

• Back ache
• Insomnia
• Anxiety
• Nausea
• Constipation
• Soothe general aches and pains
• And it can help to prepare your body for your baby’s birth


Benefits for the baby:


• Increased oxygen levels
• A relaxed chilled out mother means a relaxed chilled out baby!

To read up on research which has taken place on the benefits of pregnancy reflexology follow this link:

Finding the time to fit in regular reflexology treatments during pregnancy can help your body get into the best most balanced state to give birth and gives you a well earned rest. After all, growing a brand new human being is a big deal!


Looking forward to delivering you some serious TLC soon!


Jackie is a qualified and experienced Reflexologist with over 13 years of experience, having brought relaxation and calmness to many hundreds of mothers in and around South London!

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