Hypnobirthing –Why It’s Taking The Birthing World By Storm!

Hypnobirthing –Why It’s Taking The Birthing World By Storm!


People often ask ‘What exactly is hypnobirthing?’

The name ‘hypnobirthing’ conjures up images of the birthing woman being in a trance, or ‘out of it’, when this is not the case at all.

Hypnobirthing is a logical, straightforward, very effective and well established method which enables women and their birth partners to look forward to the birth of their baby and to feel comfortable and in control during birth.

Many hypnobirthing mothers have shorter labours and without any need for any pain relief. Also because we go through your choices of what will be offered to you during labour, couples report being able to make important decisions with a clear head.

So many women and their partners are discovering and benefiting from hypnobirthing where you will learn how to work with your body, not against it.

Your body is an amazing piece of kit perfectly designed to give birth and hypnobirthing allows you to do this whilst feeling in control, alert and calm.


In a nutshell…

What hypnobirthing isn’t ~

o Like stage hypnotherapy/hypnosis on the TV – despite its name!
o A guarantee that your birth will be sensation free, although there are many examples of women feeling no discomfort at all. Will it be powerful and rewarding? Yes!


What hypnobirthing is ~

Discovering how to tap into the powerful subconscious mind through deep relaxation – which is simply what self hypnosis is – and positive suggestions. How?

• By using the scripts and recordings provided on your course to re-focus your mind whilst its in a relaxed state
• Knowing that your thoughts directly influence your state means that practising visualising birth and how relaxed you, your body & your baby will be will be very helpful.
• Fear release methods to allow you to be relaxed and confident for the birth.
• Involving the birth partner in so many ways!
• Embracing a different attitude about the way we think about labour & birth compared to what we have been fed all our lives by the media and TV about how birth is

• Exploring the power of words/language

• 2 simple breathing techniques which are both coupled with visualisations for extra power (what the mind sees, the body does)

• Creating a positive bubble:
o Managing your internal thoughts & external stimuli
o Viewing positive birth videos
o Hearing positive birth reports
o Minimising negative input

• Discovering simple massage techniques to stimulate endorphin & oxytocin production (these hormones help labour flow and help to make it feel as manageable as is possible)

• Exploring your options for birth:
o Place of birth – your options
o Gaining an understanding of the interventions that you will be offered
o Discovering how to make birth something you are doing, not having done to you
o Maximising straightforward birth through understanding of the physiology of birth and the importance of environment

With Baby Bumps Hypnobirthing you will get all the time you need to feel positive and confident about your upcoming birth.

Classes are run by Jackie Kietz a NCT and hypnobirthing instructor and maternity reflexologist.

Own Your Calm Birth!

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