Why Bother Investing in Hypnobirthing?

I remember it well, discovering I was finally pregnant again after a long time of trying. We had decided to stop trying and relax about it all as we were soon to be going on holiday. And then boom! Here was the positive pregnancy test!


The only downside was that I would now not be able to make good use of the all inclusive drinks on holiday 😉


After the celebration and excitement, I then realised sh*t I’ve got to give birth again. I was terrified as the memories of my son’s birth came flooding back – and not in a good way.


I pushed it to the back of my mind until a friend mentioned hypnobirthing. As this was over 8 years ago, hypnobirthing wasn’t really heard of much then – or I had certainly never come across it.  Despite being initially baffled by the name, we went on and did a course and *wow* what a difference it made!


I dared to look forward to the birth! 

I actually felt excited about giving birth!


I went on to have the most wonderful, healing hypnobirth which was a million miles away from my first experience in so many ways – and not only for me, for my other half too.


After the birth I said ‘I could do that again now!’ I enjoyed giving birth, words I never thought I would utter. Not saying it was a walk in the park, but everything about it was so positive.


It was this amazing birth and massive transformation that spurred me on to ditch my job as a secretary/PA (I was a crap one anyway!) and think about working in the birth world.  I completed, over about 3 years, the NCT Diploma in Antenatal Education. The training was fantastic though quite tough but I love what it brings to my hypnobirthing classes! And after this, I completed the Katharine Graves’ Hypnobirthing Diploma.


So what has this got to do with you? Well, when you sign up to one of my courses I make it personal!


  • I want you to experience the same transformation that I did.
  • I want you to know all of your options so you can make informed decisions that are right for you.
  • I want you to feel like Superwoman after the birth like I did
  • And I want your partner to feel really involved throughout your pregnancy and at your baby’s birth, like mine did.


How great it would be if all women were to feel incredibly positive and excited about giving birth?


Investing time and yes, the expense too, into hypnobirthing was one of the best gifts I ever gave myself, my partner and our daughter and I only wish I had known about it first time around.

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