Pelvic Floor Exercises…. Think you need to do these? Not necessarily!

Why not have a listen to this fascinating chat I had the pleasure of having with Sarah Parker, a women’s health physio.

We talked about the pelvic floor and recovery after birth. Now, if like the image on this blog you are having symptoms such as weeing a bit (or a lot) when you cough or sneeze, or you are having any pain, then yes, absolutely pelvic floor exercises have their place. But Sarah explains if there are no symptoms then there’s no need to engage in regular pelvic floor exercises.

We also talked about prolapse – which often comes up as a topic when I chat through postnatal recovery with women who are understandably anxious about this post birth. Sarah gives some very reassuring advice around this and all the other topics we chatted through.

Well worth a listen – and for more relevant discussions and information subscribe to the Baby Bumps Hypnobirthing channel here as I’ll be regularly adding more videos 🙂