Considering hypnobirthing? FAQs here…

Questions are great and always very welcome here! See below for a quick video where I talk you through the most commonly asked questions pregnant mums have…



When is it best to do a hypnobirthing course?

The most popular time to attend a course is between 25-30 weeks though some couples/women attend much earlier and others much later. If possible, the earlier the better as then you get to enjoy your pregnancy feeling prepared and positive and you have plenty of time for the all important practice.

Does it matter if I’ve not started my NCT/NHS/other course before I start the hypnobirthing course?

It doesn’t matter if you’ve already done or are in the middle of NCT/other, or not yet started it.


How much is the course and what does it include?

This depends on the type of course you decide to do.

  • 4 hour group in-person courses are £150.00
  • 3 hour group online courses are £125.00 
  • 3 hour one to ones are £155.00
  • 2 hour one to ones are £105.00

With all courses, support is available up until your baby is born.

Please have a listen to the video and read this blog post to find out what’s included or give me a call for a chat

email or call – 07790 207363


Does my partner/birth partner have to attend?

Ideally yes, however the book and follow up information and materials you take away with you are very comprehensive and easy to follow. Quite a few women attend alone for a variety of reasons and this is just fine. The course is very relaxed and welcoming.


What if my baby arrives before the course starts?

You will receive a full refund – and congratulations 😀