Birth Partner’s Quick Checklist

Birth Partners – on the day, remember your umbrella & your brain 🙂


These acronymns can help remind you of things to encourage your partner to do when in labour.


Upright positions – reminder her to try different ones

Massage & movement – help her to feel comfortable

Breathing – slow down your breathing & get her to breathe with you if she’s panicking

Relaxation – any techniques you both find helpful

Eating & drinking – offer between surges

Loo – remind her to regularly empty her bladder

Love – touch, hugs, verbal support & encouragement

Assertiveness – ask about & discuss your options


Plus the fantastic BRAIN questioning tool when being faced with a non-emergency change of plan or suggestion to something.

What are the:                 Benefits?

What are the:                 Risks?

What are the:                 Alternatives?

What do my:                  Instincts tell me?

What if we do:               Nothing for a while?*

*can we have a few moments alone to process what has been suggested – or longer if it’s something being offered in advance such as an induction in a week’s time, for example.