** All Hypnobirthing courses can now be taken online – please get in touch for information **


Hello  🙂  So your friends are always talking about the wonders of Hypnobirthing, but because you’re so busy, you are wondering How On Earth you could squeeze in a course with a diary as packed as yours…

Or perhaps you’ve already forked out for a full antenatal course such as NCT and you don’t want to pay out for a full course, you’re just keen on a bit of a recap and then zoning in on the hypnobirthing side of things…


Well, there is an answer out there!…


The 4 hour ‘Add On’ Hypnobirthing Course


“Now I’ve done the course instead of feeling like I should be doing hypnobirthing, I now feel like it’s something I actually want to do.  I’m really excited about it all & looking forward to getting on with the practise! It is well worth spending the time face to face to chat through things as it all becomes much clearer and you get the rationale behind it all, which makes you want to do it” – Emma (first time mum)



“As I had almost finished my NCT course doing the short course worked well. Handouts were really thorough & those plus the book were helpful for my partner who couldn’t attend. Definitely recommending to all the yoga group ladies! Thanks again Jackie”



Now there’s a short & effective hypnobirthing class you can easily take to fit it into your hectic schedule.  You will enjoy 4 hours of relaxed, interactive, information-packed antenatal and hypnobirthing content and discussion.

Whilst there is focus on the most important of antenatal topics, we spend less time discussing them during this shorter course as the course is aimed as an ‘add on’ for those doing NCT or similar, or for second time parents.  The same amount of time is spent on the hypnobirthing side of things as is in the full 8 hour course.


So what’s included in this fantastic short course?…


You’ll discover;


  • What Hypnobirthing is & why it works so well
  • Breathing, visualisation, relaxation, massage and powerful fear-release techniques
  • All about the mind-body link
  • How to know when you’re in labour
  • When to go to the labour ward/birth centre/call the midwife vs stay at home
  • What helps or hinders your labour
  • Your options and choices during & prior to labour so you can go on to make informed decisions
  • The really important role your birth partner has to play (helpful info sheets included)

and you can read more here.

Plus, you’ll also receive;


  • Ongoing support until your baby is born
  • Follow up information
  • A copy of the Baby Bumps’ Hypnobirthing book
  • Five relaxation/breathing MP3s
  • Detailed handouts for you & your partner
  • The opportunity to meet a great new social group of friends

Cost – £150



Short ‘add on’ courses are available in Crystal Palace, Brixton, Beckenham Spa and Kingston Hospital.


**Please note: As the short course is not a full antenatal course it is highly recommended to be taken in conjunction with, or following, an in-depth antenatal course such as NCT or other.



1:1 Short Courses for couples

As above, these are aimed as a follow on to your full antenatal course:


  • 2* or 4 hour sessions at a mutually convenient time/date/s
  • The Baby Bumps Hypnobirthing book is included in the price along with handouts, 4 relaxation MP3s and ongoing support until your baby is born.
  • It is strongly recommended that you and your birth partner read the book as this is essential in consolidating the short course content.
  • * The 2 hour add on is reserved for those who have already attended one of my antenatal courses. The reason for this is because I am then confident that attendees fully understand the benefits and risks of the various interventions that will be offered during pregnancy and labour.  This then means we will not need to spend time on this and are able to just focus on the hypnobirthing elements.

Price for the 2 hours ‘Add On course is £90 (as a private session)

Price for the 4 hour ‘Add On’ course is £195 (as a private session)


We offer refresher classes starting at 2 hours in length and then seeing how you feel after our initial session. If you feel you need more time, we can make arrangements for this to happen.

Price for the 2 hour Refresher class is £90

For more information and dates please email jackie@baby-bumps.net or call 07790 207363.